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Temporary Car Insurance –

temporary car insuranceAlthough most people buy car insurance for six months to a year, some situations require a temporary car insurance policy. A short auto insurance policy usually ranges from 1 day all the way to 5 months and results from atypical situations that most automobile insurance policies don’t fit into. There are a number of reasons why someone might need temp car insurance including:

* a vehicle that is only used for the summer like a vacation Jeep
* You borrow a vehicle from a friend or family member for a couple of months
* You are renting a vehicle on a work related assignment for several weeks and need extra auto insurance protection.
* You are test driving a new or used vehicle for one day and need temp auto insurance
* Automobile shows where the car might be driven for several days
* Auto auctions where a short term automobile policy is needed for just a few days

One of the most popular reasons for purchasing temporary auto insurance is for summer vacations. Many people who have second vacation homes only use certain vehicles for two or three months out of the year. For example, a family might have a Jeep 4X4 all terrain vehicle that is stored most of the year. With short term auto insurance coverage, they have the option to buy a policy for 1 day or the entire summer or perhaps not insure the vehicle at all. Short term insurance polices give the consumer custom options that don’t require a long, expensive insurance contract.

Short Term Auto Insurance

Flexibility and cost savings is one reason many people choose short term auto insurance. A typical auto insurance policy costs about $1,500 annually. While a temporary vehicle insurance policy can is usually more expensive per month, because the time period is so short, the cost savings are significant. For example, lets say someone needed a two month short term car insurance coverage that cost $450 in total.

That person would then save over $1,000 by not insuring the vehicle the other 10 months of the year, even though the monthly rate is a little more. Many insurers are becoming more and more flexible with their policies to meet the needs of customers who have special insurance situations. Get a free temporary car insurance quote today and choose the lowest online rates from top insurers.

Cheap Short term car insurance

In most cases, a short term or temporary auto insurance policy does not come cheap. The very nature of the policy is short -term,
so many insurers just don’t find these polices that profitable. Many auto insurance providers lose money on the first year of a policy due to extremely high customer acquisition costs and only make money after a person renews the policy. The only way most insurance companies can even make a profit on these temp policies is to charge a lot.

Bundling temporary automobile coverage
So anyone expecting a cheap short term car insurance policy will most likely be disappointed. You can however get a few discounts by bundling temporary automobile coverage onto your insurance policy. You should be able to get a better price by bundling the car onto your current policy, than if you went out and bought a separate auto policy. Also, always ask for any discounts that are available and you might just qualify.

Temporary Car Insurance Quotes

The best place to find the lowest rates on car insurance is online. Thanks to the internet, getting temporary car insurance quotes only takes a few minutes of your time. You can get great rates on one month auto insurance at and even buy your policy online. Compare insurance quotes from up to 10 insurance companies now. The quote is free and the average savings are over $500. So what are you waiting for? Get insured today for less.