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Switching Car Insurance –┬á

switching car insurance
You are switching car insurance companies but you still feel that nagging guilt for leaving your insurer. After all, you get these nice little Christmas thank you cards in your email inbox each year and every agent you talk to on the phone is super friendly. As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do, but for cheaper auto insurance it’s a no brainer.

First thing you need to do
The first thing you need to do is set your emotions aside when you switch from your insurer and think in terms of cost savings. Always remember, if your auto insurer loses money on your policy, they might just cancel it, leaving you scrambling for coverage. Always stay a step ahead and scan insurers for the lowest rates. If you can save money on the same or better auto insurance coverage, switch companies and save your hard earned money.

Switching Car Insurance, how to do it

Learning how to switch automobile insurance plans is all about being getting informed and then taking action. The first thing you need to do is go out and check insurance rates and see if you can actually find cheaper insurance. If you want a quick rate check, use a free car insurance estimator tool. Go online to leading websites such as that have auto insurance calculator tools, that will allow you to get a rough auto insurance estimate in a matter of seconds.

Last thing to do
Once you have an idea of the rates you can expect, get several detailed automobile insurance quotes, so you have a large sample pool to compare from. You should get at least 10 rate quotes and select a company that both has affordable coverage and strong financial strength. The last thing you should do is switch automobile insurance to a small insurer that is on the verge of bankruptcy. You can check most insurance firms financial ratings at A.M. Best, which has unbiased grades on several key categories.

Don’t let your coverage lapse
If you want to make a move and switch auto insurers, make sure you do it while your policy is still active. This simple step will save you money in the long run. Auto insurance companies always tend to charge customers more who let their coverage lapse. Once you select a vehicle insurance company that you want to switch over to, buy that policy first and then cancel your old automobile policy. Don’t fret over losing money on your old policy because you will be either getting a refund check in the mail or a credit back on your credit card.

Now that you have new vehicle insurance, your old insurer might just tempt you with a lower auto insurance rate if you switch car insurance again. This might sound like a love triangle, but it is good old fashioned American capitalism at work. By allowing the free market system to provide better products and lower rates, customer end up winning. Get a quote now and see how much money you can save by switching car insurance providers online.

Switching car insurance to another company

Another good time to consider switching auto insurance is when you buy a new or used car. Instead of just calling up your insurer and going with their quote, go online and check around for the best rate. If you are insuring multiple cars, get a bundled auto insurance quote, which should save you 20% or more.

Just one insurer for all your products
Also, another smart move is to add all of your insurance products with one insurer like your home, renters, auto, and even boat insurance. Talk to an experienced insurance rep and tell them you are reviewing several offers from competing companies and you will consider switching over if the quote wins. You just might get a new bundled quote that could save you over $1,000 annually.

The idea behind switching car insurance carriers is to maintain the same level of service and coverage but at a lower price. If you find a company that treats you well and delivers low insurance rates, then switching over should be an easy call to make. Get a free car insurance estimate now and save online in just a few minutes.

Review your insurance policy before you switch
Before you switch automobile insurance companies, take a close look at the declarations page of your policy. Take note of the coverage you have and decide if you want a similar policy or more coverage. Also, review your credit before you go out and get an auto insurance quote. Insurance companies are increasingly using credit scores to price your insurance.

Clean driving record
If you have any false items on your credit score, get them removed as soon as possible, so you can get a lower rate. Next, review your driving record and make sure you don’t have any outstanding tickets or other issues that need to be resolved. Having and maintaining a clean driving record will really help you get the cheapest auto insurance rates.

Apply for all insurance discounts you qualify for prior to switching car insurance. Your current policy might be costing you more than it should because you did not take advantage of vehicle insurance discounts that you qualify for. All major car insurers offer discounts. You can save some serious money if you qualify and switch insurance providers.

Here are a few of the more popular insurance discounts

1. Low mileage discount. Save 10% or more per year if you do not drive much.
2. Good driver discount. Insurers like drivers who have never been in an at fault accident.
3. Safety devices such as anti-lock brakes, stability control, back up cameras and advanced theft devices can save you 5% or more.
4. Active Military or vet vehicle insurance discounts. Some auto insurers like Geico give big discounts to active and retired military members.
5. Good student discounts. Those students who maintain a B or higher GPA can save 5% to 10% with many insurers.

Once you decide to switch vehicle coverage, make sure you check rates every six months to try and get a new lower rate.