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Today it seems like basic everyday living costs so much more than before, with no end in sight. While wages are stagnant in many sectors, costs for basic household expenses such as rent, food and car insurance keep going up. If you need to trim your monthly expenses and save some extra money, take a look at a few tips on how you can get good car insurance rates and lower your monthly premiums. If you follow the simple steps below, you could save as much as $500 a year or more on auto insurance.

1. Buy your policy from a top rated insurer.

The first step in getting good auto insurance is finding a quality insurer that is not only in a strong financial position but has a reputation for paying claims in full and on time. The best way to check insurers is to go to rating sites like A.M. Best. You will find a wealth of information on all the top car insurance companies, with grades ranging from A+ all the way down to F.

If a company has a C or below financial rating, stay away from them. They might offer you a cheap car insurance policy, but if they can’t pay your claim, then they aren’t worth a dime. There are plenty of companies that have an A or higher rating that also offer great rates.¬†Also, check out consumer sites like and check the comments on any carrier you are thinking of doing business with.

2. Decide on your coverage.

If you have an old car that you do not drive much, you might only need to get simple liability insurance. If you have an old car that is currently covered with an expensive comprehensive policy, you can change your coverage and save some serious money.

If you have a new car or a leased vehicle, you will most likely need to get collision insurance, which will protect you financially from the loss of the vehicle due to an accident.

A smart way to save on collision insurance is to get a higher deductible. This can really lower your monthly premiums a lot. Remember though, you need to save that extra money by having a higher premium, in the event you are in an accident and need to pay the deductible. Get a free car insurance estimate now and check rates in your area.

3. Check for any state programs you qualify for.

Some states have special auto insurance programs for lower income residents. These states include California, New Jersey and even Hawaii. If you qualify, you can save over $500 yearly on a typical insurance policy. Check your state insurance website to find out all of the qualification requirements.

4. Get the right car.

One of the biggest variables that will affect your policy pricing in the vehicle you drive. In general, the more expensive it is, the more it will cost to insure it. If you have a $45,000 BMW and wreck it, it might cost $15,000 just to repair it, more than the price of some new cars. If you are in the market for a car, consider getting a slightly used one.

Not only will it depreciate thousands of dollars that you do not have to absorb, it will be cheaper to insure. Also, get a car that has enhanced safety systems like backup cameras, anti-lock brakes, surround airbags and stability control.

Insurers will give you a discount for all of these safety features and they also might save your life. Stay away from cars like the Honda Accord which criminals love and insurers charge extra for.

5. Have a high credit score.

Automobile insurers in recent years have placed more emphasis on peoples credit rating. The higher your credit score the lower your premiums will be. This is because people that have high credit scores are in general more responsible and conservative. This translates into better driving behavior and fewer accidents.

If you already have a high score, then you can get good car insurance at lower rates if you shop around. However, if your credit is suffering due to unpaid bills or items that should not be on your report, get the issues fixed right away.

Not only will you get lower insurance prices but will save on any loan you take out and get better rates on credit cards.

6. Ask for discounts.
Every major insurance carrier has discounts but not all of them are widely promoted. When you get a quote, ask for any and every discount and promotion the company currently offers.

Typical discounts include military, teacher, good student and good driver discounts. Make sure you get credit for any discount you qualify for so you can save even more.

7. Shop around with multiple carriers.

The fastest and most convenient way to save $500 or more on an annual automobile insurance policy is to shop for quotes online. Make sure you get at least 10 quotes before you buy a policy.

Use free car insurance calculator tools at sites like and get a rough estimate of the premium you will likely pay. Next, fill out detailed quotes and see if you can beat the estimate.

Get started now with a free online auto insurance quote and get a good car insurance policy today.