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DUI insuranceEveryone has made mistakes in life and those mistakes carry varying levels of consequences. For anyone who has ever been convicted of driving under the influence, it can be a very costly, life altering mistake. Not only are DUIs expensive, with lawyer fees, car impound costs and lost wages due to jail time, but DUI insurance rates can be exorbitant. Many people wrongly think if they just refuse to take a breath test, that they can somehow get around increases in insurance rates. Most states have already passed strict laws that impose the same penalties if you refuse the breath test and thus you cannot get around a major hike in your auto insurance rates.

Getting an attorney
If you are charged with a DUI or driving while intoxicated, the best advice is to get an attorney. A good attorney can check to see if all police procedures were followed properly and if you had any underlining health conditions that may cause a spike in alcohol or other related results. Despite even the best attempts on the behalf of lawyers, many people are found guilty of driving while intoxicated and the punishment can be severe. In recent decades groups like “Madd” ( Mothers Against Drunk Driving ) have lobbied government officials to pass very strict DUI laws. Today, more states have uniform penalties for drunk drivers and the penalties can be quite serious, with significant jail time.

  • DUI accidents

The good news is many lives have been saved by these stricter laws and penalties. In the last 30 years, the fatality rate resulting from DUI accidents has fallen about 65% according to the foundation for advanced alcohol responsibility. Today, you have a greater chance of getting shot than getting hit by a drunk or intoxicated driver. Nonetheless, there will always be those who think they can get away with driving drunk and sooner or later they will get caught and pay the price.

DUI Car Insurance

If you have been convicted of a DUI, often times your drivers license will be suspended for a year or more. In this case, do not drive even though you may be really tempted to. If you do so and get caught, you could face even more jail time and end up paying much more for DUI car insurance, once you eventually get your license reinstated. Get a DUI insurance quote now and check on the lowest rates available in just five minutes.

Once a DUI conviction is on your driving record, your insurance rates will go up dramatically, often times 400% or more. This is because the car insurance companies base their rates on risk and convicted DUI drivers are the riskiest drivers. Also, many insurers often times will cancel your automobile policy altogether, as they see you as too risky to be insured. If this happens, you will need to get DUI auto insurance, if you still need to drive.

  • SR-22

There is no such thing as a DUI policy, but the court will likely impose insurance conditions for you to legally drive again. In most states, a driver will need SR-22 insurance that will be filed with your local DMV. The SR-22 proves that you have purchased the legal amount of insurance, which can be set by a judge. The SR-22 is then filed automatically with the DMV after you purchase it from a licensed state insurance company.

  • Never drive intoxicated

If you are on a tight budget, DUI car insurance rates can be cost prohibitive. For many people, the cost of monthly DUI insurance can be more than their car loan or in some cases even rent. That’s why it is smart to never drive intoxicated in the first place. Numerous studies calculate that the average dui conviction costs about $10,000. This is for legal fees, lost wages, insurance hikes and impound fees, to name only a few costs.

  • Major losses to insurers

For those who have multiple DUI convictions, finding any DUI auto insurance companies willing to insure you can be really difficult. Insurance companies, like all businesses want to make a profit, but data shows that multiple offenders often cause major losses to insurers. If you need high risk auto insurance because of a DUI offense, get a free DUI car insurance estimate and we will find a company that will work with you.

Cheap DUI Insurance

Some people that have had their car insurance suspended by their insurer, think that it’s still possible to find cheap DUI auto insurance, which are words that do not mathematically correlate. You can however find the cheapest DUI insurance, which will still be expensive, by finding an insurer who specializes in this often underserved niche.

Companies such as “The General” can get you rates much lower than larger companies such as Allstate or Farmers. Also, use a free quoting service from online sites like You can get quick car insurance estimator prices or get more detailed quotes. Also, get at least 5 high risk auto insurance company quotes, so you can compare multiple, competing rates. Get your quote now and get the cheapest DUI insurance online in just a few minutes.