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While everyone wants quality auto insurance for less, more often than not due to lack of proper information and confusion, people end up paying too much for coverage. The fact that car insurance is mandatory should not preclude you from doing the voluntary things you are in control of to lower your rates. Just a few minutes of your time spent educating yourself on simple auto insurance basics could help you save hundreds per year. We have all heard that information is power and this is so true in the automobile insurance industry. Often times, if people would just spend two hours selecting the right policy matched with the right company they can find cheaper car insurance. Thanks to the internet, searching for affordable auto insurance is easier than ever. Lets take a look at some useful tips that will allow you to save money right away.

When you are on your mission to reduce insurance costs, you have three basic options in front of you

A. For new drivers who have never purchased insurance before: securing quality, affordable coverage is a must.
B. Drivers who are currently insured can try to lower the cost of their policy through their insurer by making key adjustments.
C. Drivers who are insured can apply for new automobile insurance coverage from a competing company

There are certain things you should become well aware of no matter what type of insurance customer you are. Lets take a close-up look at helpful tips to getting cheaper auto car, while also maintaining quality coverage.
Steps to lower your auto insurance costs

1. Learn about you state auto insurance minimums. The amount of coverage you get will in large part determine the cost of your policy. The more liability protection you insure for, the higher your costs will be. Each state has an insurance regulatory department that sets forth limits and laws. Check out your state’s minimums for liability coverage and make note of it.

Remember that minimums are just that and it is wise to get more insurance, so in the event you are in a serious accident, you are not ruined financially. However, for those safe drivers on a super tight budget that drive only a few miles a week, purchasing the minimum amount can get you cheaper car insurance. If you currently don’t drive much and have really high liability coverage, look into bringing it down and saving by lowering your premiums.

2. Apply for a full year of auto insurance and pay for it at once. Many car insurance companies will offer nice discounts to those who pre-pay their insurance annually in advance, instead of making monthly payments. Just an $8 a month savings doing this adds up to almost $100 per year. Also, pre-paying your insurance for an entire year simplifies your life and eliminates one less bill to worry about every month.

3. Pay off your vehicle and lower your insurance rates. This might sound confusing as to how it applies to cheaper car insurance┬ábut it makes perfect sense. When you finance a vehicle, the bank holding the title wants to protect it’s investment and will require higher coverage standards, which you must abide by to receive the loan. When you own the car outright, you can get cheaper coverage and save.

4. Raise your deductible and lower you insurance costs. This is especially true for those really safe drivers who also save their money. Pushing your deductible up will allow you to save some serious money over the long run. Just make sure that if you do get higher deductibles that you are fully aware the costs you’re obligated to pay before you insurance kicks in. Going this route makes sense if you can set aside the difference in savings and invest this money yourself. In the event you are ever in an accident, the money will be there for the higher deductible payment.

5. Review your current policy. We all make mistakes and sometimes we end up paying higher insurance rates for them. If you put down on your insurance application for example that you have had three tickets when those tickets have already been expunged from your record, then you need to revise it. Also, if you have lowered your driving mileage quite a bit, this will affect your rates. Go over your current policy and make note of what has changed.

6. Get rid of un-needed add-ons that only increase your costs. For example, if you already have towing coverage through your husbands AAA membership, you don’t need this on your insurance policy. Likewise, if you have rental car insurance through your credit card issuer, then you don’t need this item either. Most insurance agents are paid on commission and will often inflate the policy they sell you to boost their own pocketbook. Purchasing the coverage you only need will help you get cheap car insurance rates.

7. Get insurance discounts. Most insurance companies have numerous discount programs which you probably will qualify for. These include teacher, military, good driver, AARP and others. Before you buy any policy, ask for all of the available discounts or promotions currently offered.

8. Name your price. This negotiating tactic has been alive and well as long as people have been doing business. Although it is much more rare in the insurance industry, it can still work. If you are paying $1,500 annually for your vehicle and have no accidents or DUIs for example, you can call a competing insurer and tell them you will switch, but only if they will lower the premium to $1,300, while maintaining the same coverage. The worst thing that can happen is you lose a few minutes of your time but you could also end up saving hundreds.

9. Get a group discount. Pooling friends, co-workers or family members together can allow for group negotiated discounts. Insurance carriers spend hundreds of dollars in marketing costs just to get one person to switch to their company. If you get five or more people together committed to switching insurance, then you can almost guarantee to get cheaper car insurance. If you go this route, just make sure the best negotiator of the group handles the deal.

10. Bundle your auto insurance coverage. If you own two or more vehicles and have them insured with different carriers, get a bundled quote from one company. This will save you about 10% on average, which really adds up over time.

Shop online for the Cheapest car Insurance

Shopping online for the best rates is a must. Use sites like to get instant estimates on the coverage you want. Also, once you have done your research, apply for a quote with at least five online insurers. Make sure that after you select the company you like, to do a complete background financial health check with sites like A.M. Best.

Apply now for a no obligation rate quote and use your new found insurance expertise to find a cheaper policy.