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Car Insurance For Seniors

May 21, 2015

Car Insurance For Seniors Have you ever spotted one of your elderly relatives driving around so slowly, a bicycle actually passed them up? Recently I drove to a suburb outside Los Angeles and about 2 miles from my mother’s home; traffic came to a grinding halt, and the speed limit was 50 on this small highway. As the road curved, read more (…)

Affordable auto insurance

March 31, 2015

Affordable Auto Insurance So you are totally redoing your budget, and you need to save $50 a month to make everything balance out. You are undoubtedly thinking of things like cutting back on dining out but have you ever thought that a few minutes shopping online could save you money each and every month on insurance. Finding affordable auto insurance read more (…)

Comprehensive Car Insurance

March 23, 2015

Comprehensive car insurance – Car insurance estimates Today, anyone can insure just about anything. Vanna White can get her famous legs insured for millions and even college basketball athletes, who are still supposedly amateurs, can get their legs covered. When it comes to auto insurance, however, the insurance decisions you make can have drastic implications. So many people only think read more (…)

Good Car Insurance

March 19, 2015

Good Car Insurance – Carinsuranceestimate                             Today it seems like basic everyday living costs so much more than before, with no end in sight. While wages are stagnant in many sectors, costs for basic household expenses such as rent, food and car insurance keep going up. If read more (…)

Monthly Car Insurance

March 5, 2015

Monthly Car Insurance – Car insurance estimate Everyone that drives a car needs to get auto insurance because it’s simply the law in every state. However, for a number of reasons, the length of time someone needs auto insurance can vary greatly. A person might be borrowing a car for a month while their vehicle is being repaired. Also, a read more (…)

Switching Car Insurance

February 24, 2015

Switching Car Insurance –┬á You are switching car insurance companies but you still feel that nagging guilt for leaving your insurer. After all, you get these nice little Christmas thank you cards in your email inbox each year and every agent you talk to on the phone is super friendly. As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do, read more (…)

Temporary Car Insurance

February 21, 2015

Temporary Car Insurance – Although most people buy car insurance for six months to a year, some situations require a temporary car insurance policy. A short auto insurance policy usually ranges from 1 day all the way to 5 months and results from atypical situations that most automobile insurance policies don’t fit into. There are a number of reasons read more (…)

Budget Car Insurance

February 17, 2015

Budget Car Insurance – Carinsuranceestimate Increases in automobile insurance in recent years have caused many households to budget car insurance costs more carefully and look for any opportunity to save. A typical car insurance plan takes up over 3% of a persons budget. More comprehensive auto insurance plans can take up 5% or more of a persons disposable monthly income. read more (…)

Average Car Insurance Rates

February 16, 2015

Average Car Insurance Rates – Carinsuranceestimate It’s smart to get an idea of the national average car insurance rates before you go out and buy a policy. It will give you sort of a compass as to whether you are paying too much or too little for your insurance. It’s even smarter to focus in on the average rates in read more (…)

DUI Insurance

February 13, 2015

DUI Insurance – Carinsurancestimate Everyone has made mistakes in life and those mistakes carry varying levels of consequences. For anyone who has ever been convicted of driving under the influence, it can be a very costly, life altering mistake. Not only are DUIs expensive, with lawyer fees, car impound costs and lost wages due to jail time, but DUI insurance read more (…)