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car repair insurance
Here are the two of many reasons why car repair insurance is becoming more popular. Are you one of those people that no matter how new your car is, it always seems to breakdown, leaving you with thousands of dollars in repair bills? Or, do you have one of those fancy European cars that cost a fortune to repair and you just wouldn’t have the money if a major repair was needed.

This type of insurance is not at all like auto insurance because it is not related to accidents, disasters, or car thefts. Car repair insurance is exactly what the name implies, protection against mechanical breakdown costs. No mater how hard you try to keep your car in perfect condition, serious mechanical issues beyond your control can happen at anytime.

Some of these automobile repairs such as transmissions and engine failures can cost thousands of dollars. In fact, in the United States alone, there are over 160,000 repair shops that generate over 80 Billion in yearly revenue, just repairing cars. That adds up to more than the GNP of most countries.

Why get Car Repair Insurance

If your car warranty has expired and you do not have a lot of money set aside for such emergencies, then you might want to check out auto repair insurance, as it is not as expensive as you might think. Many people prefer automobile repair coverage as opposed to getting an extending warranty because it’s a little cheaper.
auto insurance repair
If your warranty is up and you feel you need mechanical coverage, especially those on a tight budget, then you should consider getting covered. A standard auto repair policy will cover the general wear on your car in addition to breakdowns.

Make sure though that you understand fully what type of policy you are getting, as some firms only sell breakdown insurance, leaving you with holes in your coverage. Essentially with this type of insurance, you will only be covered in the event your car mechanically broke down and not as a result of daily wear and tear such as damaged shocks.

Car repair insurance companies

One of the most popular companies offering this coverage is Geico insurance. Geico will sell you a bundled package of auto insurance alongside an auto repair policy, at amazing rates. In the last year, Geico has also started selling their products at car dealerships, so in essence you can get a car + complete insurance protection, all in the same place.

Probably the brand people are most familiar with for car repair coverage is AAA insurance
This company has built a reputation over decades of helping people with almost any automobile related issue at affordable rates. With AAA you can buy: breakdown, towing, mechanical and basic car insurance at cheap rates.

Who should not get auto repair insurance?
If you lease a new car every 2 or 3 years that is under a full warranty, then you really do not need this coverage. Also, if you have a cheap car that is really not worth too much, it might not be a smart purchase. For example, lets say you own a 1998 Toyota Corolla that’s valued at less than $2,000.

It makes more sense to put the money you save away monthly by not paying for auto repair insurance, because before long you will have saved more than the car is worth. Those consumers that purchase extended, fully covered automobile warranties do not need to get this type of insurance either, as it would be unnecessary, double coverage.

Car repair insurance can be complicated

People have a hard enough time understanding basic car insurance let alone car repair coverage. One confusing item is partial coverage. This means that your repair policy has several separate parts and can be customized. For instance, you can get select coverage just for the transmission, engine and other major areas of your vehicle.
auto repair insurance
For most, this can be confusing as who knows which part of the automobile will have problems first. Some people have emphasized covering the transmission only to see their engine fail and vice a versa. Try and get a cheap policy with a national insurer that covers all the major parts of your car. Get a car insurance estimate today and compare all of your options in just a few minutes.

Auto repair insurance costs

Auto repair insurance can cost as much as $100 per month or more. If you already have comprehensive auto insurance that is expensive, then your total insurance costs can really add up fast. Before you buy automobile repair insurance, make sure that you
really need it and can afford it. Also, make sure you go with a national firm such as Liberty Mutual that has been in business for years and has the money to payout your claim.

Get a free car repair insurance quote today and find the cheapest rates online. The application takes just a few minutes and there is no pressure whatsoever to buy. See how easy getting affordable coverage can be.