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Car Insurance For Seniors

Car Insurance For SeniorsHave you ever spotted one of your elderly relatives driving around so slowly, a bicycle actually passed them up? Recently I drove to a suburb outside Los Angeles and about 2 miles from my mother’s home; traffic came to a grinding halt, and the speed limit was 50 on this small highway.

As the road curved, I could spot the culprit about 15 cars ahead, causing all of the mayhem. The slow driver was in an older red Nissan Altima, just like my elderly mom owns. Sure enough, the car slowly turned left onto the street my mother lives on and yes, it was her going 25 in a 50 zone. Although some elderly drivers like my mom can be aggravating to “speed demons,” and in many cases anyone who wants to do the speed limit, they are actually really safe drivers.

One of the many advantages of growing older is you can get numerous discounts, including great rates on senior car insurance. Most people think seniors get into more accidents than their youthful counterparts, this is not true and statistics shows that seniors are some of the safest drivers on the road today. After all, who would you rather share the road with, a young, inexperienced kid texting or talking on a cell phone, or a nervous granny concentrating entirely while obeying all traffic laws?

Elderly drivers in their 60s are some of the safest and most experienced of all drivers and in turn get rewarded with some of the cheapest insurance rates. Older people also tend to file far fewer claims. Having fewer claims also reduces their rates, because the less claims insurers process, the more savings they can give to that accident-free customers. Another reason car insurance for seniors is cheaper is pretty obvious.

These people aged 55 and up tend to not drive as much, such as long commutes to work or late night weekend driving. Many horrible accidents occur on the weekends when the road is shared with lots of people driving under the influence or recklessly. The facts are, elderly drivers just don’t go out partying as much at 1A.M. on the weekends and thus don’t get into many of these dangerous weekend accidents.

Aged people get the best rates on automobile coverage from between 55 to around 74. This age group still has exceptional motor reflexes and, in general, carefully obey all traffic laws. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), a leading authority on accident data, seniors are some of the safest of all drivers.

Insurers use the data firms like this provide to help determine general rates for each group of drivers. Most seniors can save about 15% on their policy rates, from younger persons aged 25 to 55. If you are an older driver looking for great rates on senior automobile insurance, get your free quote now and save hundreds.

Senior Car Insurance Discounts

Driver Safety Class: A straightforward way to get a discount on your coverage is to take a defensive driving class. Many membership clubs that are popular with seniors, such as the AARP, offer these classes. Some insurers give customers instant discounts just for completing the class. All you have to do is provide a valid proof of certification.

Low Mileage Savings: Chances are that if you’re retired, you drive a lot less. Those older people who drive less than 800 miles a month can get low mileage discounts, typically around 10% up to 15%.

Garage Discount: If you park your vehicle in a locked garage, you could qualify for a discount up to 5%.

Good Driver Discount: If you have an exceptional driving record without any at-fault accidents or moving violations, you can qualify for great discounts that could save you some serious money. Insurance companies offer many incentives to the safest, most responsible drivers.

High Deductible Discount: If you are, like most seniors, a careful and responsible driver, then you should get a higher deductible and save. Getting a higher deductible will let you get better coverage if you are on a tight budget, like comprehensive auto ins. Just keep in mind that you will need to have the deductible amount ready, in the event you do get into an accident and need to file an accident claim.

Shop online for the Best Senior Car Insurance: Most seniors today are online and actually shopping for all kinds of things. If you want to get the best rates on your automobile coverage, you need to compare rates on the web. Auto Insurance companies have special discounts for online customers that you will not find anywhere else. If you just need a quick estimate or a full car insurance quote, get started at Get your free senior auto insurance quote now and see how easy it is to save.