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car insurance comparison Many people use free car insurance comparison tools to get a general idea of their car insurance costs prior to getting full quotes.

Estimate on multiple vehicles.

This makes a lot of sense because this price can then be used to compare car insurance prices, once you get full quotes. One of the main reasons a car insurance estimator is so popular, is that it allows you to get a quick estimate on multiple vehicles, all in just a few seconds.

  • Smart buyer.

Lets just say you’re at a car lot and deciding on three cars, all different models, that you really like. A smart buyer would always do some car insurance comparison shopping before buying the car.

  • Auto loan.

How could you know if the car fits in your budget without getting first, a car insurance estimate. An average automobile policy costs about 35% of a typical auto loan, so getting that number lower is doing your due diligence.

Everyone wants a low interest rate auto loan, which is important, but getting an auto insurance estimator to guide you on your expected insurance bill is just as important. Some cars that are more expensive are actually less to insure and others that are cheaper cost a lot to get insured. You can access free auto insurance estimations all in a few seconds with our free calculator, so check it out.

Car Insurance Quotes Comparison

Before you get car insurance quotes comparison numbers, you should first make a list of the car insurance coverage you want. Start with your budget and write down a number that you feel you can afford. Next, write down the insurance coverage that you think is most important.

For example, are you on a super tight budget and don’t drive much? If this is the case, maybe you only need your state’s minimum liability insurance. On the contrary, do you have a high end car that needs full protection along with serious personal assets? If so, you would definitely need full coverage auto insurance.

You can check averages for both basic liability insurance and comprehensive costs instantly with a car insurance estimator tool. Once you get a rough idea of your insurance costs, you can then get more detailed car insurance comparison quotes later on.

Car Insurance Pricing Factors

The car insurance pricing for any policy is based on a myriad of factors including your age, car, credit and marital status to name a few. Using a car insurance estimator takes the main elements that comprise a standard policy and averages those with numerous other factors to give you an estimate. Lets delve into these categories in more detail, which will help you compare car insurance rates more effectively.

1. Your age and driving experience:

In general the younger and less experienced of a driver you are the more you are going to pay. Many young people think they are actually better drivers than their elders, but traffic accident stats just do not lie.

Teens today are more careless behind the wheel than ever as they are texting, talking on cellphones, and driving cars that are more costly to repair than in years past.

  • Teenager fatalities.

According to crash data compiled at the Insurance Institute for Highway safety, teens are 400% more likely to be involved in an auto accidents than non-teens and fatal accidents account for 1/3 of all teenager fatalities.

  • Low risk in the eyes of insurers.

The only way insurance companies can maintain a profit on teenage drivers is to charge more, it is just that simple. On the contrary, if you are over the age of 40 and have a clean driving record, as in no points, you can get some of the lowest car insurance pricing available. Drivers between the ages of 40 and 65 are considered low risk in the eyes of insurers.

  • Young driver.

If you are a young driver, there are a few things you can do to get better car insurance pricing. First, maintain a B or higher GPA in school. Second, take a certified safe driver class. Third, get on your parents automobile policy, which costs less than getting your own individual policy.

Also, get your drivers license as soon as possible to start garnering driving experience. If you stay accident free, your rates will decline before you know it because you will have established driving experience early on.

2. Your location.

Where you live actually factors into the price you pay for auto insurance more so than you might think. Insurance companies monitor and analyze accident data from every zip code in the United States. They also record the rate of car theft and natural disasters, such as hurricanes in each area.

They then use this information to calculate car insurance estimates. Cities such as Camden, New Jersey that have both a high rate of auto theft and accidents, are costly areas to insure vehicles. Conversely, areas such as rural Iowa with very low automobile theft rates, are in general cheaper. Check out car insurance comparison rates in your area, or if you are moving, use the tool to estimate rates for any area you are interested in.

3. Your car.

The pricier you car is the more costly your car insurance bill will be overall. For example, lets say you wrecked a new BMW luxury sedan that cost $85,000 and totaled it. That means your insurer would have to replace the current market value for that BMW, which after depreciation, would still be a small fortune.

Insurance companies need to charge more for highly valued vehicles. Now, lets say you had an old pick-up truck that was worth $1,700. Chances are, if your driving record is decent, you can get great car insurance pricing on that old truck.

A smart way to lower your premiums on expensive cars is to:
A. Bundle all your cars together with one insurer.
B. Get security devices installed like the Lo-Jack or other insurance approved systems.
C. Get a car that has advanced safety features such as driver stability control and surround air-bags.
D. Take advantage of any and all car insurance discounts you qualify for.

4. Your marital status
Marriage has some upside when it comes to auto insurance. Insurers look at married people as more cautious drivers and thus charge less. Just for being married you can get a discount of about 10% from most auto insurers.

  • Car Insurance Buying Tips

Do not just jump at the cheapest auto insurance policy. Buying your state minimum liability insurance could actually end up costing you some serious money. For example, lets say you only have a liability policy of $30,000 and you then cause $35,000 in damages. Guess who will end up being responsible for that extra 5,000? Yes, you will for sure.

Insurance is all about protecting yourself financially from unexpected incidents, such as an auto accident. The more assets you have accumulated, then the more insurance you need to protect them. Also, go with an insurer who has strong financial stability.

There are so many stories online of people buying cheap auto insurance from a small company, only to not receive any claim payments after an accident. Check unbiased sites like “Consumer Reports” who evaluate the claim response and amounts paid for most of the major auto insurance companies and then go with the best. Sites like only work with national car insurance providers and can help you quickly get the best coverage possible.

Lastly, get all of the discounts you can. Car insurance is more competitive than ever and insurers want your business. There are discounts available to almost everyone, including good driver, teacher, military, senior or mature drivers, bundled and discounts just for switching.

Use our free car insurance comparison tool to check rates right away. The insurance estimate only takes a few seconds and will help you later on shop for car insurance, when you need a full quote.

Get lower rate

Once you know your average rate, go out and try and get an even lower rate by comparing at least 10 auto insurance quotes. Start checking your car insurance rates right now.