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budget car insurance
Increases in automobile insurance in recent years have caused many households to budget car insurance costs more carefully and look for any opportunity to save. A typical car insurance plan takes up over 3% of a persons budget. More comprehensive auto insurance plans can take up 5% or more of a persons disposable monthly income.

Getting the right coverage
Finding the best automobile insurance is about getting the right coverage you need at rates that fit within your budget. If you have a large budget to work with, then you can afford enhanced insurance like collision coverage. If on the other hand, your are perhaps a young starving student who is eating top ramen every night and grabbing loose quarters to put a gallon of gas in your car, then you are going to need to budget your car insurance with the cheapest policy possible.

Liability plan
In this case, you want to get the minimum liability insurance coverage available in your state. Many liability only insurance plans can be purchased for about $50 or less per month if you are a good driver over the age of 25. If however you are a young driver under 25, getting cheap auto insurance can be a serious challenge.

Budget Auto Insurance for Drivers under 25

Young people today find it harder and harder to fit car insurance into their budget. Accidents among young people have steadily increased due to scrupulous behavior while driving like texting, twittering and talking behind the wheel. The leading cause of youths aged 16 to 23 is automobile accidents. With car insurance rates so high and real wages basically stagnant, the question becomes, how do young people budget auto insurance at all?

Driver under 25
Just like so many young people in todays economy are living at home, these same youngsters are adding their cars onto their parents policy. While this might seem to create a dependency on the young driver, it often is a necessity. Young people simply can’t fit an independent car insurance policy into their budget because it’s just too expensive. Drivers under 25 can save 30% or more by adding their car onto their parents plan.

Lack of driving experience
Another thing young drivers can do is take a safety class and get good grades. Young people just don’t have much driving experience and often this lack of experience results in more accidents. Completing a certified driving school class can get you a discount somewhere between 5% and 10% depending on the auto insurer. Likewise, an “A” a day in school will keep the high insurance rates away.

Most of the top insurance companies have discount for students who maintain a B or higher GPA. The last thing young people can do to bring down the high cost of auto insurance is to drive a cheap car, like Grandpa’s old Buick from 1991. Avoid cars that are frequently stolen like Honda Accord’s and Civics if you can. There are plenty of cool cars like Kia that are cheaper to insure than you might think. Avoid costly sports cars like a Corvette at all costs if you want the cheapest insurance.

Budget Car Insurance Quotes

It seems everyone these days knows the best insurance deals are found online. Most people would never think of buying car insurance without first checking online for the lowest rates. Use free online car insurance estimator tools from reputable sites like You can choose from a quick estimate for coverage in your area or get a full auto insurance quote. Find the best auto insurance rates with these helpful tips and save hundreds on your vehicle coverage.