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antique car insuranceIf you have a car that was popular when Elvis was king then you will need to get antique car insurance. While most people have newer cars that were made in the late 90s on up, some people have kept their old auto treasures for decades. Some retired people like to buy antique automobiles and restore them back to their original glory, while others have cars that are drivable antiques, such as a 1968 Corvette, that they take out on the road on weekends or special events.

For most auto insurers, any vehicle that predates 1970 is often considered an antique car. This means you can have an ancient vehicle such as a Ford Model T from the 1920s that still runs or a 1969 Mustang that is full of memories that you want to keep in the family forever. Many auto insurance companies do not insure these old vehicles because they are considered unprofitable and do not have the current technology such as anti-lock brakes that prevent many automobile accidents.


Antique Car Insurance Companies

If you drive an antique car, you are going to need to get it insured, so where do you go? Today, you can go online and get free antique car insurance quotes from a number of competing companies. Actually there are several insurers like Hagerty and Grundy that only specialize in antique auto insurance. These companies not only sell insurance but also have a wealth of information on older cars and how to keep them running and in good shape. Some specialized car insurers can even give you tips on how to find rare cars and even info on local antique auto auctions.

While a select few large car insurance companies like Farmers offer limited vintage automobile insurance, with mostly general coverage for any older car, you probably will be better served by going with a specialist. Most custom car insurance specialists will create a unique auto policy for each of your antique vehicles. This is because each antique automobile has a different value and most often different mileage usage. You might for example have a 1958 Buick that you only drive during a fourth of July parade once a year and thus only need limited coverage. However, you might have a 1969 Mustang that you drive nearly every weekend and need full auto insurance coverage. Most insurance agents who specialize in this market understand how to save customers money while as the same time giving them quality coverage they can depend on.

Many antique insurance plans will have pricing for the mileage you drive such as 1,000 yearly, 3,000 and 6,000 miles and up. If you have multiple antique cars, bundle your coverage under one insurer and save up to 20% or more. Some insurers even have special rollover mileage programs that forward unused miles into your next policy. For the car insurance collector who does not drive much, this can be a big money saver. Be sure to consider roadside assistance on any antique automobile you insure. These are very old cars after all and breakdown more frequently than newer ones.

Antique car insurance quotes

There are a lot of options available when you are looking for antique car insurance quotes. The small niche insurers are probably your best bet if you have more than one vehicle and appreciate knowledgeable representatives. These companies below will all give you custom car insurance quotes online.

Grundy Insurance: For over 70 years, Grundy classic car insurance has been providing quality, low cost auto insurance for vintage and antique cars. The company boasts they actually wrote the very first auto insurance policy for an antique automobile. The firm can provide you with a custom quote in just a few short minutes.

Hagerty Insurance: In recent years, Hagerty has grown into the largest specialized vintage car insurer. The company in its early years was a general car insurance firm but after seeing a large market in insuring antique vehicles, it focused on this profitable niche. The company operates a successful website and friendly agents are always available to assist you with any questions you might have.

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