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affordable auto insurance
So you are totally redoing your budget, and you need to save $50 a month to make everything balance out. You are undoubtedly thinking of things like cutting back on dining out but have you ever thought that a few minutes shopping online could save you money each and every month on insurance. Finding affordable auto insurance is not as hard as you might think thanks to the internet and free comparison sites.

Getting car insurance that is cheap is a subjective matter. For some, it’s finding an insurer who has low-cost, comprehensive coverage while for another person on a hot dog budget, might only need to save $10 a month on liability coverage. Also, there are so many factors unique to an individual that someone should try and get the cheapest rates for their particular profile.

For example, let’s say a student in college did a dumb thing and drove while intoxicated and got caught. Even if they never had another drink of alcohol again, that DUI would follow them forever. Every time he or she tried to get affordable car insurance, they would be attempting to get insured for the lowest rates with the DUI attached.

On the other spectrum, a person might have no traffic tickets or accidents, be married and have perfect credit. In this scenario, finding affordable insurance quotes is easy and fast. Here are a few guidelines you should follow when searching for cheap insurance prices.

1. Look at your state averages.

Each state has an average for insurance rates. Some states in the upper northeast, for example, have some of the lowest rates due to their rural location, while other rates in big cities like Los Angeles tend to have high-cost automobile insurance. Write down the average for your state and use it as a measuring tool for your rate search.

When you look for rates in your area, try and beat your state average. If you do, then you know you are getting affordable auto insurance coverage. Remember, your insurance is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Make sure you always do business with insurers that have a B or higher financial rating and maintain a good record of prompt and full claim payments.

2. Get an Estimate first.
Did you know you can go online and get a basic estimate of your projected car insurance rates before you ever get a real quote?
Just by entering your zip code and car model, you can get a pretty good idea of your expected insurance costs. Sites like offer this free service besides to providing full quotes that will match you with low-cost insurers.

3. Bundle all your cars together.

An excellent way to easily save on your automobile insurance is to bundle all your vehicles onto one policy. Most insurers offer bundled discounts of around 10%. It also is easier to handle the payments each month and just overall more convenient using one insurer. Some people have even gone so far as to create insurance groups of friends and family and get even larger discounts. If you go this route, make sure you are getting the coverage you want and a company that is reputable.

4. Get Insurance Discounts.

Whether you are hoary or young, there is probably an insurance discount you qualify for the best. Typical cuts include the right student (if grades are above a B), senior drivers who maintain a good driving record and military personnel. If you are not sure about what discounts are available or which ones you qualify for, call a company representative and ask.

5. Don’t overpay for things you don’t need.

If you have towing or breakdown coverage with another service like a triple a, do not add this overlapping coverage onto your policy.
Also, if you already have car rental insurance through your credit card company, do not add this onto your police because it will just be a waste of money.

6. Shop online for the lowest insurance rates.
The best place to start shopping for rates is online. Most quotes only take about five minutes to fill out and will match you with numerous companies best rates, for your unique profile.

Some sites like will help you find affordable auto insurance rates by matching you with the best insurers that fit your profile and desired automobile coverage. People who shop online for car insurance often save $500 or more over traditional agent-based policies.

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